Cove Mountain

Community Theatre

To foster, promote and increase the public knowledge and appreciation of local talents in the Susquenita community and surrounding communities through theatre.

Thank you to our audience, cast and crew for a successful show,
and to our sponsors:

Thank you for a great production of GODSPELL!

A special thank you to Susquenita School District for the use of its facilities.

Within the Susquenita Community and surrounding area there is an enormous amount of talent.  The Cove Mountain Community Theatre (CMCT) is thrilled to provide a much-needed outlet to showcase these talents and strengthen the theatre program of Susquenita and other local schools.

Participation is open to all residents of the Susquenita Community and surrounding communities.  This includes students entering the 5th grade and older, their families, alumni, staff members and residents.


Lee Williams, President

Rosario Eppley, Vice President

Sue Flickinger, Secretary

Bryon Eppley, Treasurer

Larry Gildner

Pat Gildner

Katye Good

Marel King

Abigail Whitehead-Zimmers


Lee Williams, Producer

David Hiddemen, Director

Heidi Freeland, Choreography

Ben Carraher, Pit Director

Alex Beitzel, Sound & Lighting

Stage Crew/Set - Larry Gildner and David Good

Publicity - Sarah Dugan

Advertising - Sue Flickinger